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Crocheting, Wet Felting, Needle Felting, and Fiber Arts

Special Requests Welcomed

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Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne - e-mail: MJMHandmadeCreations@gmail.com
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My Crochet Classes in Montana

At Crochet classes, you can choose your project, one of mine or another. I have plenty of suggestions. If you intend to finish your project, I will help to guide you. I will come to your business to provide classes if you would like to promote your business in this way. So call me and set up a date.

In Columbia Falls, Montana

Wednesday nights, 6:30pm-7:30pm, Crochet Class/Lessons, Call for directions and if Wednesday is not convienient I will try to accommodate you with other dates. 406.892.1424!

Call to reserve your spot and Bring your own yarn, hooks, and favorite pattern. Or I have patterns available. Beginners lessons include crocheted dish cloths and flowers with cotton worsted weight, Sugar and Cream or Lion brand or other. Or choose a pattern of your choice. See you at a lesson!
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New Class Sites Welcome

I am currently looking for new sites to hold crochet, felting, and needle felting classes/lessons either in Columbia Falls, Whitefish, or Kalispell Montana.

Please call if interested in setting up a class/lessons at your store or community center.
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Important information for those who are interested in their salvation! See the following website, immediately!

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By Grace Websites!

Websites examples:
Stoney Elm Alpaca
Alpaca Country Clothing and Gifts
This site!
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Crocheted with care by: Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne - By Grace Websites; e-mail: MJMHandmadeCreations@gmail.com
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