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Craft Shows, Farmers' Markets and Event News!

Farmers' Markets

I will be looking for some new markets in the future, so check for updates to this section. Thank you.

The 2017 West Glacier Farmers' Market, on Fridays!

Market time is done for this year. Runs from 3 to 6pm. Located at the entrance to West Glacier Park, from Route 2, turn left into West Glacier Park and under the bridge! The market is on your left.

Hope to see you next year. Enjoy Made in Montana, USA.

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Craft Shows

Polson Huckleberry Festival 2017

Was Saturday and Sunday July 15 & 16, 9am to 6pm, and 10am to 4pm- in Polson on Main Street!
This was a well attended event at the bottom of beautiful Flathead Lake.

Thank you to all my customers who supported me with their purchases. It was a little windy but warm and sunny. So many nice things were available at this event; Many quality venders/artisans.

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Eureka Fiber Festival, Saturday, August 5th and 6th

Saturday from 8:30am to 6pm and Sunday from 11 to 4pm, At the Lincoln Country Fairgrounds in Eureka, Montana

This was a good event for me and I thank the many customers that contributed to it. Fiber festivals are fun events with many demonstrations and lots of great fiber for the knitters or other lovers of fiber! We even got a tatting lesson in. So if you haven't been to a fiber festival, you should try it. Many cute animals too were there.

Eureka Fiber Festival Website!

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Swan Lake Huckleberry Festival 2017

Saturday August 12th, 9am to 4pm, a craft event at Swan Lake!
This was well attended last year on the shores of beautiful Swan Lake, with food this year from Laughing Horse Lodge, Swan Bar & Grill and the Swan Lake Trading Post. For lodging/camping/cabins call 406-886-2080 or 406-886-2303. This event starts with a pancake breakfast served on the shore of the lake and then quality craft vendors, music, ice cream and raffles all day. The vendors I saw were quality and many of them.

Thank you to all my customers. It was a wonderfully sunny and warm day and you all made the event for me so that next year, God willing, I can do it again.

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Rendevous Days in Eureka 2017

On Saturday April 29th, 9am to 4pm was a good crowd in downtown Eureka! Thank you to all who came out to see the many quality vendors.
This event was sponsored by the Eureka Chamber of commerce and for more information please vist their site.

I hope to see many there next year.

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Cherry Blossom Festival in Yellow Bay 2017

Saturday May 13th, 9am to 4pm along Highway 35 at Yellow Bay along Flathead Lake!
Was a great event with door prizes, home baked items, hand crafted items and music. Thanks to Shari for coordinating this and all her helpers.

We had a nice day but I will be displaying inside. Thanks to all my customers and all who support the event.

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2017 North Western Montana Fair

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My Entries at the North Western Montana Fair!

At the 2017 North Western Montana Fair in Kalispell, I entered one of my hand felted alpaca broad brimmed hats, a crocheted cotton summer hat, a wire wrapped Madonna necklace and a needle felted Sleeping Rabbit.

I was blessed to win 2 blue ribbons and two red ribbons. It was fun and the ladies in the Quilts and Needlework Section were helpful and friendly. They always give helpful comments on my entries.

[Mouse] [Hat] [Hat] [Necklace]

A couple of my favorite entries that were offered by individals at the far this year. The Theotokis on the left is a needle work and the one on the right is a wood painting.
[Theotokis] [Theotokis]

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Fall in Montana!

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My Garden Lattice Published!

Crochet Magazine has published my Garden Lattice pattern. I have copies available.
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